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Our Story

Since 1980, employers have been relying on Febco, Inc. (Flexible Benefits Company) to reduce the cost of benefits administration and enhance the value of the benefit packages offered to employees. Febco outsourcing began with the administration of Flexible Spending Accounts for twelve school districts in South Central Kentucky, representing 3,800 employees.

Since then, Febco systems have been continuously enhanced to respond to the changing needs of our clients. Febco systems are specifically designed to accommodate data-intensive administration, complete enrollment, maintenance, and communication services. Febco utilizes the latest in computer software and office equipment to support flexible benefits admininistration.


Our Goals

*To meet our clients' needs through all possible resources.

*To build a reputation on prompt and effective service.

*To give personal service to each individual and their benefit portfolio.


Our Beliefs

*That with Febco's help, employers can provide cost-effective benefits to meet employees' needs which greatly enhance the net worth of the organization.

*That Febco, is responsible for seeking new avenues and creating the most current benefit administration strategies and providing these services to promote client satisfaction.

*That government and private agencies that provide employment and service to citizens at large, deserve the best benefits to promote the general welfare and well-being of all employees.


Febco is one of the nation's most experienced Flexible Benefits Administrators. We provide a complete solution, including initial implementation, expert claim adjudication, instantaneous tracking, comprehensive reporting, easy-to-use online forms, and informative employee communication materials. Employees can take full advantage of the tax savings offered to them through participation in a Flexible Benefits Program.

Febco provides participants timely claim reimbursements to maximize interest and participation, while relieving the employer of the administrative burdens often associated with these programs. Employees using the Febco Benefits MasterCard for their approved purchases, including eligible over-the-counter (OTC) medications and other eligible items, can have said expenses automatically debited from a bank account of their choosing.



Febco has a vast experience in benefit plan administration for various institutions. We administer more than 350 large public and private employer benfit plans such as Kentucky League of Cities and the Kentucky Association of County Government. Febco has provided Flexible Spending Accounts and other benefits plans since 1980.


Enrollment, Compliance and Notification Management Services

Employers contending with increasingly time-consuming annual enrollment, updating the databases of every single carrier they deal with ongoing, as well as compliance-related communication to employees, will appreciate Febco's Core Services. Febco's services include electronic and paper-based enrollment services, direct-to-carrier eligibility reporting, consolidated billing, and all COBRA and other compliance-related notifications. A wide variety of optional services are also available.            

Once Febco's services are implemented, employers only have to update one database! One consolidated bill each month. Enrollment services are designed by the employer, together with Febco, and carried out by Febco. We offer a wide variety of compliance-related communications, as well as general HR communication, that can be automated. All this frees employers to concentrate on strategic planning, hiring, training, and their own business priorities.


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Effective April 1, 2013



Febco Benefits MasterCards will be getting assigned a new PIN number.


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