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HSA - Health Savings Account


 Health Savings Accounts (HSA) 

What is an HSA?

HSA's are savings account used in conjunction with a high-deductible health insurance policy that allows users to save money tax-free against medical expenses. This means that the HSA is owned by the participant and will be taken with the participant when they leave employment or lose eligibility to contribute to an HSA. 

Eligibility / High Deductible Health Plan Minimums 
The HSA can be used for employees under age 65 to pay for certain medical expenses when covered by high deductible health plans. Plans with deductibles of a minimum of $1,350 for individual and $2,700 for family are eligible. Individuals under the age of 65 are eligible to contribute to an HSA if they have a qualified health plan.


Maximum Contributions 
For 2018, the maximum can you can contribute to a Health Savings Account is a $3,450 for individuals with self-only coverage and $6,900 for individuals with family coverage. 

Debit Card 
The FEBCO debit card will be directly connected to a participants HSA.

What bank does FEBCO use?

We use UMB bank to host our HSA accounts. And even though we will be submitting the contributions to the bank as well as able to provide participants balances, the participants will need to work closely with the bank. We cannot answer detailed questions about their accounts and cannot reimburse them if they pay out of pocket rather than use their card (participants will reimburse themselves in the participant portal at Also note, when a participant terminates with FEBCO they will only work with UMB bank after the termination date.

UMB Phone Number:  844-383-9826

How does it work?

When a participant enrolls for an HSA it is important that they provide all of their up to date information. Once we have submitted their enrollment to UMB bank  they will require that the participant verify their identity. They will use the contact information provided by the participant to issue those requests. If the participant fails to respond within a specific time frame, the enrollment will be declined and must start over. Once the account is approved the card will be issued.

FEBCO will make deposits to participants accounts as directed by the employer. Once the funds are deposited we cannot collect those funds back directly (if this happens there is a process with UMB bank to recollect those funds). Also note, it is important that participants keep documentation for their HSA expenditures for their tax returns as they may need to provide proof of eligibility.

Risk Performance Guarantees
UMB Bank as the bank is responsible for all banking transactions and processes.
As such UMB Bank indemnifies our partners.